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CALive | Open Forum with Karlo Broussard & Tim Staples | February 7, 2023 – Catholic Answers

Since the YouTube digital platform has existed, the Catholic Church, Laity and Priests from all over the world have created Catholic channels where they can share the Catholic Faith in the New Evangelization, sharing the daily Gospel, Prayers to the Saints, Novenas to the Saints, the Holy Rosary, Divine Mercy and Sermons to feed our Faith in God through Videos.

Today we want to share with you the channel where they seek to share the Catholic faith.

The Catholic Answers channel is a great YouTube Channel where Catholics can find answers to many catholic faith questions.. It is a space for evangelization through video reflections.

Catholic Answers channel is a media ministry that serves Christ by explaining and defending the Catholic faith. We help Catholics grow in their Faith, we bring former Catholics home, and we lead non-Catholics into the fullness of the truth.

Catholic Answers works to ensure our content is faithful to the Magisterium. Our staff apologists have decades of practice in apologetics, and several hold advanced degrees in theology and philosophy. We maintain a broad list of associates (clergy and laymen) who are experts in the fields of liturgy, history, bioethics, theology, philosophy, canon law, and more.

Catholic Answers share messages like:

• Is Purgatory Real?
• Are EVOLUTION and ORIGINAL SIN Compatible?
• When Should a Catholic NOT Receive Communion?
• Did Satan Sin in Heaven before Original Sin?
• Is Novus Ordo Mass INVALID?

In the following Catholic Answers reflection that you will see below: CALive | Open Forum with Karlo Broussard & Tim Staples | February 7, 2023 will bring many blessings from God to your life.

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CALive | Open Forum with Karlo Broussard & Tim Staples | February 7, 2023

Here is more information from Catholic Answers:

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HOUR 1: Karlo Broussard – Open Forum
HOUR 2: Tim Staples – Open Forum

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