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Evangelization Through Film – Andrew Petiprin

What is the Word on Fire Institute?

Over the past few years, you may have heard Bishop Barron speaking of the need for a movement made up of both priests and laypeople who together share a common spirituality and possess the same vision of evangelizing the modern culture from within.

The first major step of realizing Bishop Barron’s idea of a movement is to establish a place of collective formation, training, and community online.

This “place” is the new Word on Fire Institute.

As such, the Word on Fire Institute (WOFI) exists to propagate the work and content of Bishop Robert Barron in an interactive, relational, digital education format, and to form missionaries in the Word on Fire ethos of evangelization, emphasizing Bishop Barron’s style and methods of evangelizing the religiously unaffiliated (or “nones”).

Andrew Petiprin speaks on cinema and the Catholic Church’s relationship with motion pictures. Reflecting on the beauty of film, Petiprin reminds us that the best films do not take us out of reality, but bring us deeper into reality; the best movies lead us closer to God and one another.

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