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A Summary of the EWTN Video

On March 21, 2023, Fr.

Mark delivered daily readings and homily on the EWTN Catholic Network.

The readings included a selection from the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel (47:1-9, 12) and the Gospel according to John (5:1-16).


Mark offered a reflection on the importance of hope and salvation in our lives, drawing on the themes of healing and transformation in both readings.

The reading from Ezekiel describes a vision of water flowing from beneath the threshold of the temple, creating a river that brings life and abundance to all living creatures.


Mark notes that this vision is an image of the power of God’s grace to transform our lives into something new and abundant.

He emphasizes that the river of life is an image of God’s love and mercy, which can flow into our hearts and bring us healing and transformation.

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The responsorial psalm (46:2-3, 5-6, 8-9) reinforces the message of the reading from Ezekiel, affirming that the Lord is our refuge and strength, a present help in times of distress.

It speaks of a stream that gladdens the city of God, an image of the spiritual renewal that God can bring to our lives.

The Gospel reading tells the story of a man who has been ill for thirty-eight years and is unable to make it into the pool of Bethesda when the angel stirs the waters.

Jesus comes to him and asks if he wants to be well.

The man responds that he has no one to put him into the water, but Jesus heals him with a word and tells him to take up his mat and walk.


Mark highlights the significance of this healing as a sign of the power of Christ to bring healing and transformation to our lives.


Mark connects these readings with the theme of salvation, emphasizing that it is only through Christ that we can enter the promised land of heaven.

He notes that the Old Testament is filled with anticipation of the Messiah who would come to fulfill the law and bring salvation to all people.


Mark reminds us that we need a deliverer, and that Christ is that deliverer.

In conclusion, Fr.

Mark’s homily calls us to place our hope in Christ, who can bring healing and transformation to our lives.

He emphasizes that the river of life described in Ezekiel’s vision is an image of the power of God’s grace to transform our hearts and bring us into a new and abundant life.

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This reflection invites us to contemplate the profound mystery of God’s love and mercy and to open ourselves to the transforming power of Christ.

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