Phenomenology, Thomism, and The Theology of the Body w/ Dr. Rob McNamara

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Note: The following video that you are going to watch: Phenomenology, Thomism, and The Theology of the Body w/ Dr. Rob McNamara, will bring you much closer to God, his Word and will renew your faith in God.

Phenomenology, Thomism, and The Theology of the Body w/ Dr. Rob McNamara

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Phenomenology, Thomism, and The Theology of the Body w/ Dr. Rob McNamara

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Dr. Rob McNamara joins the show to discuss St. Theresa Benedicta of the Cross, Phenomenology, Husserl, and how it influenced St. John Paul II’s thought and writing.

Husserl: Logical Investigations

Love and Responsibility

On The Problem of Empathy:

Being a Person: The Mature Personalism of Stein
By: Dr. McNamara

0:00 Intro
1:40 Thrsdy Origin Story
2:56 Steubenville is cool
3:34 Rob’s Academic background
9:41 Phenomenology and Husserl
14:08 JPII’s phenomenology
18:21 Personalism
19:46 Thomism v. Phenomenology
23:00 Human Sexuality
31:00 JPII’s role in conversion
33:53 Edith Stein
39:29 Problem of Empathy
42:34 Using Others
44:48 Break
48:05 Using Others Cont.
51:35 TOB/L&R
56:17 Thomsism & Phenomenology
58:17 Children Philosopher
59:48 Right Happiness
1:07:07 Students «aha» moments
1:14:42 Mirror Neurons & Empathy
1:18:45 Love of the Other
1:28:00 Wrap up

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