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The Lord cares for the feeling that accompanies the gift, the attitude with whic…

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The Lord cares for the feeling that accompanies the gift, the attitude with which the offering is made; He is not moved by the quantity or the cost. The imprint of devotion makes the beaten rice precious. Give the Lord the fruit – the love that grows on the Tree of Life. (Revelations 22).
The world is interested outward show,
but God is interested in your feeling.

What I am about to say may be difficult for those who feel animosity towards those who have betrayed, harmed or deserted them, for I am going to tell you it was God’s will. But I am also going to tell you that accepting that is how to be healed. Accepting and walking in God’s will for you will mean accepting His Lordship over your life and your heart completely. You will walk in His presence, empowered by the anointing, equiped with the provision, strength and courage you need to face the future He has called you to. His will for you overrides a normal human life because of the time you are called to live in. You don’t know it yet, dear and precious one, but you are a mighty warrior after His own heart. You will know Him like no one else does, certainly not those whose lives were ransomed to bring you to Him. You will be continually moved by the peace that only comes from intimate trust. You traded your life to be who and where you are. Time to be comforted knowing it was His doing to build you, moved by the comfort of knowing He’s got you, and walk in the steps of a warrior as you trust Him.

It’s in the rejection of human form, that the Christ is held onto, so that He can manifest in your hearts and your total trust will be in His ways and obedience of His Authority as we serve Almighty God the One Creator YHVH of All. (Ephesians 4:1-6).

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