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“Wearing the Yoke of Jesus and Your Vision” + Fr. Mike’s Homily #shorts – Ascension Presents

Ascension is a multimedia network and the world leader in the creation and distribution of Catholic faith formation programs and digital content. For the past 20 years, everything we have done at Ascension has been aimed to help Catholics have a living encounter with God.

From our Bible studies to our sacramental prep programs, from our Q&A-style books to our free online videos, everything has been focused on that encounter. That is the longing of our hearts, and the longing of every heart until it rests in God.

After helping over 1,000,000 Catholics and 8,000 parishes, and producing more than 50 faith formation programs, we believe that the “secret” to an encounter with God really isn’t so secret… it can all be found in the promise made by Jesus himself:

For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them – Matthew 18:20. That’s a promise. And it’s a promise from the highest source there is, a promise from the God who never breaks his word. So we do the best thing any sinner can do in this world; we trust the promise of God; and we base our programs and studies on that promise.

Excerpt from Fr. Mike’s Homily for the Fourth Sunday in Lent (Year A)
Watch the full homily here: https://youtu.be/8bwcQ3CaDns

What does Jesus think of suffering?

If you grew up Jewish in the time of Jesus, you learned most if not all of the Torah. But at some point, you might have the opportunity to follow a rabbi and learn how he lived these truths from God. Jesus’ disciples wanted to know what Jesus thought about suffering. Specifically, they wanted to know, “Who’s fault is suffering? Who is to blame?”

Fr. Mike makes the case that the most important questions is not “why is this happening to me?” but “what am I going to do with this?”

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