St. John Of God

St. John who had run away from his parents home in Portugal as a small boy, grew up far away from the loving care of his parents. In fact, both of his parents died broken hearted, not knowing what had happened to their only child. However, when John had grown older, he came back to his senses and returned home. It was too late, though, for his parents had already been relieved of their earthly sufferings, and called by the Creator to their eternal reward.

Later on in Granada, Spain, at the age of forty five, John built a hospital, gathered a few young men, and started a religious order of men dedicated to the care of the sick, the mentally retarded, the handicapped, the elderly and the insane. John and his followers took good care of suffering people without any charge, just relying on the Providence of God through donations. John spent the last ten years of his life in total dedication to God by working hard to relieve the burden of suffering people. He would go out into the streets and pick up the sick he would find on bare ground.

Source: The Glory of the Cross